People are interest and want to know the marketing ideas and campaign ideas of this brand quite a bit. At advertising week new york 2019, burger king’s global cmo shar 5 ways to work and develop cool ideas. Of branding at burger king, which I think is a very good idea, so I’d like to share it with you on this blog. Understand your brand to market will build a brand or what good campaign to do it starts with working people having to fully understand themselves. Which is a homework for workers to see through to see what the brand identity is.

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As well as having to know what their brand is in the customer’s line. (not my own thoughts) one of the interesting examples he gave. Is trying to tell which company we work for how did the person you spoke to react? Which is a good reflection of how people see how Jiangxi Phone Number other people view this brand as well. Create aa great brief when developing a campaign, what if we work normally, we will try to create detail briefs. There is a lot of information put so much stuff into it that it becomes a big, thick brief that takes a lot of time to tell. And that makes it become a framework for working people, including.

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A lot until sometimes I can’t remember any details. Which is not a good brief at all. (but that’s what we usually come across with typical campaign briefs.) in his opinion a good brief should be short and can be complet in a single sentence, such as “let’s encourage people to by their way.” however, doing that brief is not easy. Because to summarize briefs Aero Leads briefly and concisely means that the briefs really ne to be clear up. What you want, what you focus on, just like shortening, it’s not about cramming everything into one sentence. Let the idea grow when we have an idea we must dare to play with that idea. It’s not an idea or a thought. “Will it be possible?” some, “It probably won’t work.” this is a very good idea. That is, if we start to wonder how it can be done.

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