Another useful resource is to resort to the use of pulse surveys that measure the work environment. An anonymous questionnaire is capable of identifying the level of motivation and satisfaction of the employees and makes it possible to define the psychosocial risks to which the teams are subjected. With this, it will be much easier to attack the problem from the root. Establish and respect work vs. personal spaces Life outside the office exists and must be respect. People don’t work 24/7 and have other responsibilities, hobbies and chores that ne attention. Even if the person outside the office is just admiring the growth of the algae, it is their time and it must be valu.

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Therefore, define the entry, exit and rest hours well, be flexible when organizing tasks and maintain realistic deadlines that allow your collaborators Hungary WhatsApp Number to enjoy their lives beyond the work environment. An excessive workload poses a very high risk of triggering stress and all the negative consequences that this entails. Mental Health in the workplace Offers the right to digital disconnection With the advancement of technology and the digitization of processes, it is currently very easy to be tempt to send emails or WhatsApp to employees during their break time. This problem is especially present in teleworkers , since they have all the necessary material at home to do their work.

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Which increases their working hours. The reality is that the right to digital disconnection is really a right of employees, and failure to comply with it entails fines of Aero Leads up to 187,215 euros for companies . Once their working day is over and during their rest periods, people do not have to answer messages, calls, emails or any other type of digital communication. They don’t even have to have their mobile or laptop turn on. Create a healthy environment Many organizations are beginning to take initiatives that promote.

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