Before choosing to be a flexible talent, my last job was to do the process management of purchase to payment in a chemical company, specializing in placing orders, booking invoices, and finally paying to suppliers. Later, I transferred internally for cost accounting。After that, I decided to take a break to take better care of the children, and I rested for a year and a half。Re-working and choosing to be a flexible person is also to better balance the needs of work and life. I have not understood this way of work before, but experiencing it is really helpful for me to balance work and life。

According to your experience, what are the biggest differences between this project experience and previous long-term job experience?

Whether it is a flexible person or a fixed employee, everyone’s attitude towards work is the same, which is no different。If it’s different, if you were a fixed employee before, you can only receive the attention and suggestions from Photo Background Removing your superiors, but be a flexible person, because you signed a headhunter company, and they will give you pertinent advice as a third party to help you. View the company’s feedback during the project in a neutral manner。At the same time, they will provide your insightful market insights to help you fully understand the market。

Does flexible talent work have the benefits and advantages that long-term fixed work does not have? If so, what are they?

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From my personal point of view, the experience of being a flexible talent helps me better target market opportunities。Compared to taking up positions directly after leaving work, when I end the flexible talent project to find long-term positions, I can use this experience to understand my market competitiveness and understand Aero Leads the current market conditions。The information and suggestions given to me by the headhunting company can help me negotiate better。

At the same time, I can also help me make more cautious choices in the future by making flexible talents first. When I decide to re-work, I first understand whether I still like the atmosphere of the workplace and the current direction of work。

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