In order to increase the consumption of public running services, the policy advocates optimizing the consumption environment, strengthening financial protection, improving the sports consumption policy system. Strengthening the protection of sports consumption rights and interests. And encouraging the development of running sports services and running event services. The epidemic has also verified the convenience and practicability. Qf online smart fitness APPs. Coupled with the strengthening of national health awareness and the creation of a national national fitness sports atmosphere, the running service industry has entered a period of rapid development. The picture Albania Phone Number shows the PEST analysis.


3. Summary

Albania Phone Number
Albania Phone Number

From the market point of view, the online sports industry is currently in an upward development stage. With the national fitness and sports policy issued by the country, it encourages national sports and fitness, encourages the development of health experience, consultation and other health services, and promotes the development of personalized health management services. Internet integration.

In recent years, affected by the epidemic, it has catalyzed the demand for innovative smart fitness products, which further verifies the value provided by the application of smart sports fitness products to users. Coupled with the advancement of the Internet era, the use of online fitness software in well-developed cities has become commonplace, gradually infiltrating third- and fourth-tier small and medium-sized cities, and the competition in the online sports industry has become more and more fierce.

As time advances the polishing of the product, I think it is necessary to consider how to expand the online sports industry in the city, and how to grasp the accuracy more accurately in technology. This will be a breakthrough point for a product to compete with its peers. In addition, in terms of courses, we will strengthen and subdivide courses, develop different courses and trainings for different users of different classes, improve user experience, make them sticky, and obtain higher user retention rate to obtain more benefits from it.

3. Choose competing products

1. Choose a competitor

After conducting an industry analysis, since the Joy Running Circle itself is positioned as a to C product, relevant download data can be seen in the open APP download market. And according to the product positioning of Joy Running Circle, the main product keywords are extracted: sports, health, social running, marathon, running events, etc.; we have screened out the top-ranked applications among many sports and fitness products, with specific reference to 2021 The online sports and fitness application ranking list at the beginning of the year, the data is based on the independent active devices of each product each month, and the online sports products with the highest download volume are determined.


2. Identify competing products

The idea of ​​selecting competing products in this report is based on market share, functional overlap, similar business models, and market scope. Therefore, the direct competitor is Gudong, because the business models have the highest degree of overlap, and they all use running sports as a selling point, and they all add community functions to them, emphasizing the social attributes of the software.

In addition, Keep also overlaps slightly in all aspects. Although Keep does all kinds of sports, Keep has recently added a special running function, so Keep is also indirectly used for reference, but not included in the main analysis.

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