Or newbies who ne to start working on digital work together. 1. See “access” the first number that I think many people will definitely be interest in is how many people the ad will reach. Or if it’s easy to say, how much will it “Access”? Importance: this number tells you how “Opportunistic” your ad is to reach a large number of people. Examples of commonly us measurements reach (facebook): the number of people this ad was sent to show. Uip (website): the number of people who visit the website page. 2. Look at the number of “impressions” another number that we often look at along with reach is the number of “impressions,” or the question that an ad gets.

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Is shown how many times importance: communicating with people isn’t all about accessibility. But there must be a matter of how the .Content” that we want to present to the target audience is present. If the target group is present with that content “Enough Guangdong Phone Number times”, it will make them remember or get the “Message” as we want. Examples of commonly us measurements impression: the number of times that ad was shown. View: the number of times the video has been play / the number of times that content has been “view.

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Note the reach & impression relationship is often summ up simply as “how many people saw it? And how many times does each person average?” or what some people call “frequency” or frequency itself, for example, frequency 3 is that one person (who Aero Leads has seen an ad) on average has seen this ad 3 times, etc. 3. See the number of interactions if it was in the past what marketing communicators will be interest in is reach & impression is important because we don’t know other information. But when it comes to digital mia, we can see the customer’s “Response” rather than just “Seeing” because the ads can be click to learn more.

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