Don’t complete a list. Should you reject someone? Then do it in a charming way. Do not hear from you or email a standard response, especially after a candidate has been interview, it is not done . In this world where everyone is connecte , you will quickly get a negative review as a company. And that can scare off candidates who do fit in your alley. Besides that, of course, it doesn’t show class in any way to treat someone that way. How should it be? Be clear, make it personal and indicate what a rejecte candidate can improve upon. Has a new colleague start? Then your work as a manager or entrepreneur is not over yet. A good onboarding ensures that someone feels at home in a new organization, gets to know systems quickly and is productive in the shortest possible time.

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Investing time in it certainly Sri-Lanka Phone Number pays off. Think in solutions It is of course possible that, despite the right approach, you do not succeed in getting a vacancy filled. That is probably even the reason you are reading this article. You have a clear raison d’être or even a Sri-Lanka Phone Number hip purpose. The salary offered is at least in line with the market. Delicious coffee with oat milk flows from the coffee machines. The online Friday afternoon drink is always great fun. And the team consists of only nice, helpful Sri-Lanka Phone Number colleagues. And yet… no one applies! Blaming the market for this is obvious, but that is also a bit easy. (I really have to be strict with you now.) Because with a little creativity and rethinking, there is certainly still enough to be achieved.

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A closer look at the vacancy text Take a critical look at the vacancy text and, in particular, the requirements it contains. Is it aim Sri-Lanka Phone Number  at the five-legged sheep or does a wider group recognize itself in it? Can that job really only be done in 5 or 4 days? Is it crucial to have relevant work experience in the exact same industry? Separate need to have for Sri-Lanka Phone Number yourself from nice to have . 2. Opportunities within your organization Look at the possibilities within your own organization. What hidden talents are there? What does it take for a colleague to grow? The advantage of such an internal process is that it saves recruitment costs and training time, and it increases people’s bond with the company.

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