Have you ever heard or read anything about inbound sales? Is it related to inbound marketing ? If you are familiar with the inbound methodology, you surely know. That traditional marketing and sales methods are no longer effective. Because people do not want you to sell them products, but rather that you give them solutions to their problems. If you think about it for a moment this makes sense. Since nobody likes to be interrupted by an advertisement that offers something that we do not need or are not interested in. It is at this point that inbound sales becomes very relevant. Bringing with it a sales process aligned with what the consumer wants. So in this article we will tell you what it is. How it works, what its benefits are, and how you can align your current sales strategy with this methodology.

What is the Inbound Sales Methodology?

Inbound sales is a methodology aligned with inbound marketing, which seeks to prioritize the needs and objectives of ideal buyers. Traditional sales were based on trying to convince the buyer with aggressive advertisements canadian phone number list and offers, always showing the benefits of the product or service, without taking into account if it was really something that said people needed. If you have ever had to receive an insistent call with a telephone plan that you do not need, or have been insisted on buying a product that does not interest you in a department store, then you have experienced the traditional sale. Works? It used to work before, but now it doesn’t.

Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales

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Adopting an inbound sales method means that all the principles of inbound. Marketing must be applied, since the two must exist in harmony to obtain good results. But what does it mean that you apply inbound marketing in your Aero Leads business? This means that, as a company, you commit to having a focus on your ideal. Customers ( buyer personas ), and not just on your products or services. Although this may seem inadvisable at first, it is actually the best way to achieve more and better sales. For both inbound sales and inbound marketing, you have to focus all your efforts on the marketing flywheel, which is divided into 3 stages that rotate as if they were a wheel, since each one supports the other to move forward.

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