Templates are evil. It will make you sound like the competition. You will go unnotic, Forgotten among the thousands of offers just like yours. Is that what you want. Know your candidate You can’t describe a good job offer if you don’t know. What you’re offering. Study the demand profile. Talk to employees who already occupy that position, ask managers. The more you know about the position, the better texts you will write.  Apply the law of transparency Use honest descriptions. If the position has add challenges, don’t hide them. Talk about possible difficulties and take advantage of them to attract. The attention of the most competitive candidates the straw.

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Good atmosphere Companionship Teamwork. Avoid cliché phrases And finally, you should know Bulgaria WhatsApp Number that there is nothing a candidate hates more than: “Multinational company leader in its sector”. “Competitive Salary”. “Salary as it was worth.” “High stress tolerance.” “Multidisciplinary team”. “Important Project”. “Flexible Terms”onclusions Job offer announcements are a letter of introduction for companies.  a good first impression.

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If they are misspell, the only thing you will achieve is repel the candidates.  it will be easier for you to continue with the other phases of the selection process. Put the tips in this mini guide to writing attractive job Aero Leads offers into practice and let us know about the results! Do you ne help writing and publishing your job offers? At Global Human Consultants we can offer you our RPO service , in which we can do the first phase of the talent selection process for you. Get in touch with us without obligation ! Did you find this article useful? Share it on social networks ! And if you think we have forgotten something, leave us a commenOne of the main tasks of Human.

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