That’s why it’s critical to fully embrace a content strategy across the company. Everyone must agree on the outcome of your strategy for a successful outcome. Acts as a service level agreement for all departments to understand the importance of content to business success and document their role in the execution of the plan. What does a content strategy look like? It’s not up to me, ough I’d like to tell you that the best content strategy should be six pages with fonts. This is your file, and you know better than I how to communicate with other colleagues. For many,  content strategy is a document divid into clear sections that walk readers through the plan element by element. For others, a more complex spreadsheet with tabs for days.

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Then there are those that are more visually oriente Content Strategy Images Note: For content strategy looks, there are results in , ome of which Australia Phone Number have great colors and shapes. You do you.  Your strategy is unique and should be created and presented in the format that best resonates with your leadership team and colleagues. What does a content strategy include? While I can’t show you a single content strategy template to rule them all, I can tell you exactly what to include in your content strategy document.

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Basically I can define the rules better for you now. A content strategy is a broad view of how content is managed. Produced and used across your organization, so consider the bigger picture in your strategy document. The more granular items, while Aero Leads important to you, don’t necessarily have to be in your strategy (we’ll get to that later). The following are items that are best included in a content strategy document. Each point builds the foundation for the next, so it’s best to address these issues in order. Establishing the Organization’s.

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