According to their priorities: on the left, those motivations that are most important, and on the right, those that have the least influence. in his way of acting. note: there is no better or worse order. All the motivations are relevant, and those that remain on the right do not mean that they are less important, but that for that person, there are other motivations that fill them more. Once everyone has done the exercise, the results are shar with the rest of the participants . This helps you to have a vision of what your team is like, giving you a very clear perception of their desires and expectations. In addition, it also allows people to get to know each other, improving the quality of their interpersonal relationships.

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A good idea is to ask collaborators to explain the reason for that order , asking what changes would cause the positions to vary. And it is that the motivations Egypt Phone Number are not always the same, and can change depending on the situation. On the other hand, learning other people’s points of view often makes us rethink our own motivations . Therefore, at the end of the exercise, the order of the cards may be different from that at the beginning. And nothing happens! The intention of this game is to make us reflect on what motivates us and get to know ourselves and others better, which will make you become a more effective leader. Frequent uses of Moving Motivators.

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The Moving Motivators game was design for motivation management, both for small teams and for the entire organization as a whole. In addition, it is designed to be used both in individual meetings and in group dynamics. It can even be us online if your team works from home thanks to this template . Regardless of that, some HR departments use it in Aero Leads their candidate evaluation interviews . Not as a screening tool, but to find out if the person applying for the position is in sync with the culture of the company. Other companies use it as a rapprochement exercise when the team is diverse and multicultural. Thus, instead of focusing on the differences.

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