They also rush to take important actions on this event, such as setting up an urgent telephone line immiately so that customers can call in to ask questions free of charge. More than 450,000 telegrams were sent to a nationwide network of doctors and nurses to keep them inform of the incident. Immiately stop all tylenol commercials. Immiately halt the tylenol production line. Over 32 million bottles of tylenol were collect from the market. (valu at over $100 million) emb from getty images the incident prompt tylenol’s market share to drop from 37% to just 7%, not to mention the sentiment it had rais.

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The main thing that is talk about a lot is the recall of all products, which is not a small number, and this has never happen before. This is a matter of admiration from many people. The washington post article not that this is a great example of how big business has to deal with the crisis. Both in clear communication sharp decisions to build consumer Hungary Phone Number confidence. And cooperation to solve problems that arise after that, johnsons & johnsons brought tylenol to the market again with a new, safer packaging. Seals were made on the bottles and later became the standard for pharmaceutical packaging. And the market response was satisfi, with tylenol’s market share returning to the same level shortly thereafter.

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