Looking back, I can easily spot the problem My organization is relatively new to content marketing. We’ve been releasing what’s available, but don’t have much planned beyond that. I’ve been making an editorial calendar full of common sales questions, and I’m still not sure if the sales team is using what we make. While they were happy to provide us with a list of questions they asked, it was clear that the sales team still considered their job to be completely separate from marketing. The leadership claims to fully buy into the content, but they only support the concept as long as it produces immediate results and as long as the marketing produces the full content.

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So like, no real buy-in at all.) Now for the big ones. Our content drives organic traffic, but it doesn’t translate into actual sales. And, yes, it’s easy UK Phone Number to look back six years ago and poke holes in what was clearly not perfect. The funny thing is, I didn’t fully realize what a content strategy actually is until I came to . but it is not the truth. I’m also starting to see what it takes for a true content strategy to exist. Now that I’m on the other side of the line, talking to people who sit where I used to sit and feel the pain that used to keep.

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Me up at night, I can spot when a content strategy isn’t working (or isn’t there at all). Get ready, , I’m going to answer your question. What is a real content strategy? Let’s get one very important detail out of the way right from the start. A content strategy Aero Leads is not a marketing document. While your marketing specialists may develop a content strategy, they’re not the only department with that strategy. A content strategy is a company-wide document that explains how the content an organization creates will impact every aspect of the business. Your strategy will provide a complete picture of where you want to go as an organization and how your content will help you get there.

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