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It is forbidden to copy and distribute without permission. Copyright nuttaputch wongreanthong includes kpi metric that are commonly us to measure digital results. (preliminary) 06182018 guide to marketingmanagement many people have ask me for advice on how to measure results. What should be us to measure good which one to choose as a kpi? Of Albania Phone Number course, it’s not an easy thing to answer. Because when choosing which metrics to use as kpis, you ne to look at the marketing objectives. As well as to see if it is relat to the strategy or not however, what should be able to help initially is to understand what basic indicators it has. And what does each of them mean? What are they telling.

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That’s why I made a short slide explaining indicators that are often us (preliminary) to briefly explain as shown in the picture below. However, I have also made a summary pdf file in case anyone wants to download it as a reference by downloading Aero Leads it here . Share the knowlge! Adface book kp is website marketingmeasure see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article open sales page don’t be afraid to create content that calls for likes. But forget your new customers. Next article include the basic metrics of facebook that page owners should know. Relat posts what will the business encounter.

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