See each of these stages separately and give you guidelines and advice that will help you successfully complete your job search. two women in job intervie2. How to prepare for a job interview? Before the interview If you think that the job interview begins right after the first handshake, I’m wrong. The job interview begins as soon as you leave the door of your house . What’s more, we could tell you that it starts at the moment they have called you by phone to give you the time and place of the appointment. Because it is from that moment that you will have to prepare all the necessary data to carry out the interview smoothly and without incidents that you will regret later. So, before “D-Day”, keep these aspects in mind: Review all the information on your resume.

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Go over your CV and learn the most important details by heart. The person who is going to interview you will surely ask you about some detail that catches Malta WhatsApp Number your attention, so you must be prepared to answer any questions and know how to explain yourself in an organized way. Study the company . A good practice is to put on our detective hat and investigate all aspects of the organization that are relevant, especially if they are going to play in our favor and can support us in our persuasive speech. In addition, the interviewer will realize that you have taken the trouble to document yourself and take an interest in the company’s activity, which will add positive points.

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Visiting their corporate website and their RRSS will help you find all the details that will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Prepare the tour . Google Maps is a great tool that allows us to see exactly where the place we have to go is Aero Leads located. With it we can calculate the time it will take to arrive, if there is usually traffic, the combinations of public transport, etc. Everything you need to avoid getting lost or arriving late. Punctuality is key. Dress code . Do I have to wear a suit? Sport? Casual? Deciding what to wear to go to a job interview is one of the issues that most brings candidates to the head. Our advice is that you dress according to the vacant position and the style of the organization, but above all, something with which you are comfortable.

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