This is when people commute to their downtown offices, when they come home from get off work at night, when I feel like the marketing world is syncing up to my own soundtrack of good vibes. Then my landline rang. Leaders are in meetings all day long. I know there might be some issues, but hey, I know my stuff. I’m not worried. , can you send over your content strategy? Very simple. I just updated the editorial calendar. It contains the title of each blog post we will be publishing this quarter. I said I would send it right away. No, not the editorial calendar, but the content strategy. Can you send it to us by tomorrow? Oh crap. You can almost hear the record scratching.

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By hmmm of course just like that, my confidence was gone. I’m here to direct content for a growing business and I’m not sure exactly what they want. I have all the questions: What is a content strategy? What does a content strategy actually USA Phone Number look like? How is it different from the editorial calendar I’m already using? What does a content strategy do? Will anyone actually use this, or is it just something the leadership thinks they need? However, I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before everyone I pass on my way home knows I’m a liar and my boss and co-workers know this too. Frankly, I think editorial calendars are my strategy.

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The difference between

What did I miss? Why are they asking about this strategy? Here I am, achieving my goal of consistently posting content. Isn’t that enough? No, Jen, something popped into my head as I staggered home from the office, trying to hide from everyone in my Aero Leads path. No, this is not right. Lack of content strategy exposes deeper issues Not an interesting post, to put it mildly. Honestly, writing this even now makes me feel anxious instead of comfortable. What really weighed on me in that moment was my belief that creating content would work. I have fought for my position and the leadership that supports this work. But if I don’t provide a strategy for opening the leads, all that will go down the drain.

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