For a company it is very important to know the performance of its work team, especially when it is a company dedicated to commerce, in this sector it is very important to know the performance of its sales force, since it depends on this to increase the profits of the business, Knowing if you have a qualified and work-oriented salesperson is the correct way to know if you are on the right track. There are tools that can provide you with this knowledge: Marketing automation and sales CRM are the elements that we will know to help you on this important issue.

Lead nurturing and lead scoring

The most important elements in marketing automation are lead nurturing (chains of emails that are sent automatically after site visitors carry out a specific action) and lead scoring or lead qualification. , which is the procedure by USA email list in which each lead that appears in the company’s database is evaluated in which phase of the purchase process is found. These two processes are essential to transmit to users the benefits that the product or service offered by the company can provide and bring them closer to the purchase.

What is sales CRM?

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Now that we know a little more about marketing automation. Let’s move on to the part that will concentrate all this information and therefore. The most important: CRM, which is an ally to increase your sales. Customer relationship Aero Leads management (CRM). Which in Spanish means customer relationship management, is more than just. A software or platform: it is the way that both startups and small and large. Companies have to manage and analyze intercommunication with their clientele. Optimize the performance of the company, and personalize. Campaigns to obtain new clients, among others.

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