We all know Facebook, one of the most used social networks around the world. Whether you’re starting a business, building a fan base for a series. Or even establishing your personal brand; online presence is a point that. You cannot ignore, and a facebook page is a basic. If you have an online store (e-commers) you know that the internet is the place. To exploit and increase your sales, and creating a facebook fan page. Getting followers and interacting is a way to humanize your brand. Resolve doubts and help with your narrative.

Check your information

If you already have a Facebook page or have just created it, you need to go to the information section of the page and complete all the information that appears. The more complete this section is, the better the impact the page will have. Just Italian cell phone numbers as in your personal profile you put your birthday, where you work or study, so that people can find you easily, the same applies to the Facebook profile of a page. You must provide relevant information when people want to consult the information section of your fan page. Among the data that are found: days and hours of service, website, address and area of ​​interest (such as beauty or culinary).

Who do you want to reach?

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Not all businesses are the same or intended for the same people. So you need to define your target audience and your personal buyers. This is basic to be able to construct the messages in the correct way. When building your Aero Leads persona buyers you will be able to define, first of all. If facebook is the correct channel for your brand. It will be defined if the people you want to reach are found on this platform. In the same way you will be able to propose what kind of content can be used. The design, the themes, etc; to get their attention and encourage following and commenting.

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