Google Docs is arguably the best content writing and editing tool for bloggers and writers. It is highly collaborative, easy to use, provides excellent usability and features, and allows users to add comments and suggest edits. As good as it is for writing, publishing that same content using the WordPress editor becomes a challenge. Copying content from Google Docs and adding it to the WordPress editor becomes very frustrating due to some of the properties of the classic editor. You can always use the Gutenberg editor to eliminate some of the issues, but you’ll have to compromise on the adaptability of the classic editor.

This Again is Bad for

Why should you know how to move content from Google Docs to Indonesia Mobile Number WordPress? As a content strategist, you may be taking all the steps to get the formatting right by adding all the headers, spaces, etc. But, as soon as you copy and paste it into the WordPress editor, everything is gone. Another issue with not knowing how to copy and paste content correctly is the weird image alignment and lack of alt text. Not to mention, if you are a business owner and manage your website, you must know precisely how to fix all the formatting. Furthermore, copying content from Google Docs also adds unnecessary code, which makes the website bulky.

To Resolve This Issue

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Knowing how to move content will allow you to avoid SEO mistakes and keep the design and format you intended. At the end of the day, it’s best if you avoid copying and pasting content from Google Docs to WordPress. This is why: Why is copying and pasting content from Google Docs to WordPress not a great idea? As far as styling goes, the only problem with copy-and-paste content is extra lines and unwanted changes to font size, weight, and properties. Other than that, it’s about SEO issues. Now, we can create a completely separate article on how copying and pasting content from Google Docs to the WordPress editor kills your SEO game.

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