Think of our childhood when they told us stories and the bond that was creat between us and the narratois easy to see that the advantages of storytelling appli to business leaders are many and vari, making it a resource of great strategic value. But now is when the million dollar question comes…: is everyone capable of mastering this skill ? The answer is a resounding YES. How? Following the basic structure that all great stories have: that of the monomyth or the hero’s journey.sic storytelling structure to create great stories We all know how to tell stories, but not all stories are capable of inspiring and motivating action. In the same way, not all stories are valid for.

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quality storytelling. For this tool to be successful, a very specific structure must be follow and that has been exploit over and over again in literature and cinema: the structure of the monomyth . The monomyth is a term coin by Joseph Industry Email List Campbell and describ in his book ” The Hero with a Thousand Faces ” that serves to define the basic model of epic tales around the world, regardless of cultural differences. A universal way of telling stories , us from Homer for his Ulysses, to George Lucas in Star Wars. In fact, Campbell was a consultant to Lucas for the famous space trilogy This narrative structure follows three simple steps : Person with a generally complicat plan to carry out.

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The person puts his plan into motion facing a multitude of challenges that will put his physical or mental integrity at risk, depending on the case. During the journey, metaphorical or not, to carry out the plan, the person learns everything they need to know about their environment and about themselves and ends up achieving their goal. This structure can also be Aero Leads summarized as: problem – conflict – resolution . According to Campbell, this story archetype is so powerful because it is the one that continually dominates our lives . Maybe not as epically as in Star Wars, but our day to day is full of challenges that we have to face and from which we always learn some kind of learning.

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