The newsletter or newsletter is a publication distributed periodically to a list of contacts who have previously given their consent to receive them. It is used as a method to acquire new customers, Factors to consider when choosing a program to make newsletters How to correctly choose a program to make Newsletters What should you take into account when choosing a program to send newsletters? Next, we detail it: Easy to use The first thing to consider when choosing a newsletter program is its ease of use. The interface of the application you choose must be intuitive. Choose a software with an easy-to-use editor, an editor that uses the ‘Drag&Drop’ system, this system will allow you to work with modules; Easily customize font, color, and quickly import images. In addition to being able to work without having previous knowledge of HTML. Contact list management Managing the contact list is essential. You need a tool that allows you to easily import your contacts (import unlimited contacts), to segment your contact list (Advanced Segmentation), automatically correct invalid addresses,


clean your emails based on bounces, duplicates, etc.

Personalization through a program Qatar Phone Number to make newsletters The success of making and sending a newsletter is mainly based on the personalization of the content.In addition, the client or the prospect will. Not hesitate to respond to you. Then you must. Have an impressive subject and pre header. And finally content only. In this way can you be successful with your shipments. The ideal tool to send email marketing. Campaigns is the one that allows you to customize. The subject of your newsletter, automatically. Add the name of the recipient. Add images, videos or links to their social networks.Split A/B A/B testing is a marketer’s best friend. When you are familiar with this concept, you will not be able to do without it. A/B testing is a feature that allows you to look at two different email marketing campaigns to determine the most effective content to send to your customers for a higher conversion rate.

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The A/B testing feature allows you to create two

different campaigns and automatically send them to two different groups of the same number of people in your subscriber list. Measurability and integration The statistics allow you to determine the success of your emailing campaigns, correct errors and of course, in the long term, develop better campaigns. Choose an app that offers you a variety of metrics, such as click-through rate, geotracking, real-time reading, etc. Manually updating your contact list. Can be time-consuming, so you should choose an .Email marketing platform that has an api connector. (which links two tools) to seamlessly integrate. Your crm (customer relationship management) .And google tracking. Analytics. marketing automation Today, we can’t talk about email marketing without mentioning email automation . Not always have time to answer your mails on time? TRUE?

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