Have you ever heard of marketing automation? Surely you think that it is a topic foreign to you and that it is not important to know. The reality is that if you are thinking of carrying out a successful Inbound marketing methodology and having a sales result like the one you expect, you will probably be interested in knowing more about the subject since you will be able to carry out multiple campaigns with surprising results. We also suggest you consult: 5 actions that will improve your sales in less than 30 minutes, so that you can prepare sales strategies together with the knowledge that you will learn in this article.

What is CRM?

Now that you know what marketing automation is, you may be wondering. How I can implement this in my company or business? Very well, you will be surprised to know that. A tool to implement this automation is an old acquaintance. On this page, yes, you thought well, we are talking about crm. Which, as we have seen in previous blogs, can help you know the performance of your sellers. Crm refers to. Customer German phone number online relationship management (crm), which in spanish means customer relationship. Management, is more than just a software or platform. It is the way that startups, small and large companies have to have managed and analyzed the. Intercommunication with its clientele, optimizing the performance of the company. Personalizing campaigns to obtain new clients, among others.

Creation of Emails and Landing Pages

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To start your automation you should know that Sharpspring offers various options for it, you can create emails to make use of email marketing and landing pages , you will have templates to make your creations or you can also Aero Leads start the design of your emails or landing pages from scratch. It is important that you know that when you create these contents you will have the possibility to review them through previews and in the case of emails you will even be able to make test shipments so that you can check that they are well prepared and functional.

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