The first step in developing an augmented reality app is obviously to think about what it will look like. What exactly do you want the user to do in the AR app, does it add any value to the user?

The best thing to do here is to write down for yourself in a few sentences what you want the app to do. For the Kunstchef app, this looks like this:

“With the Kunstchef app, we want people to be able to see a painting on their own wall through augmented reality, before they buy it. This way they know immediately which painting they like best with the interior and they can see in which size the painting fits best on the wall. In this way, the customer has an optimal experience and we avoid returns of the paintings.”

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What Features Does The Augmented Reality App Have

The second step is a very important step that I didn’t think about well enough in advance when developing the app.

What should people be able to do with your app? Soon you will think of the primary goal that you just visualized in Step 1. But now is the time to really think about what more you want the app to be able to do. For example, at Kunstchef I gradually found out that it is much better if the app can do more than just place paintings on the wall.
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Imagine: someone has placed the painting on the Bahamas Phone Number wall and thinks it looks good. Then of course you want this person to be able to view this painting directly on the website and then purchase it. Or someone posted a painting using the Kunstchef app and would like to save it for later reference. Then of course you want this to be possible directly from the app.

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Augmented Reality App Painting


Consider, for example, the divisibility of the creation. Someone has placed a painting on the wall with the app, but is not yet ready to buy the painting. How cool would it be if this person can share the painting via an Instagram Story to ask followers via an Instagram poll what they think about it.

All in all, a lot to think about beyond the primary functionality of your augmented reality idea. The more clearly you have worked this out in advance, the better you can make the briefing, the cheaper and faster your idea for an app will become reality!

Step 3. The briefing

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