Like any business, hotels also use various types of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies to promote themselves. Some still opt for traditional media, however, and the vast majority have. A digital presence to a greater or lesser extent. Which we can call hotel marketing. As we always mention in our blog, if you are not on the internet you do not exist. So having a website, social networks and other media on digital platforms. Will give you the opportunity to reach a greater number of people and get more reservations.

What is hotel marketing?

So what is hotel marketing? Very simply, it is about all the marketing actions that aim to attract more guests and take the necessary measures to deal with the high and low seasons that affect the number of reservations. Marketing for hotels includes get free sweden phone number actions such as the creation of an optimized website to provide the best customer service and user experience, social networks where relevant and valuable content can be shared, a CRM for email database management, among others. others. The best thing about this is that in this sector you can use an inbound marketing strategy that allows you not only to get more customers but also to retain them and make them consider you their first option .

Why do inbound marketing in the hotel industry?

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Inbound marketing or attraction marketing, as its name implies, is a customer-focused methodology, which may not buy immediately, but when you manage to delight him through this process, it is very sure to turn him into an Aero Leads recurring customer and ambassador of your company. mark. In the inbound methodology, the user is not interrupted by. Ads (such as the well-known banners), where you need to fight for their attention. Against the advertising bombardment to which consumers are subjected. It is worth mentioning that this does not mean that you cannot. Advertise for hotels that are adapted to the inbound methodology.

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