The use of healthy habits both inside and outside the organization. For example, to avoid the negative effects of spending too many hours sitting or in the same position (back pain, eyestrain, cramps, migraines, etc.), some companies have a space where people can dedicate a few minutes to day to the practice of physical and mental exercises such as mindfulness or pilates. It is also very common to offer free fruit for when you get the urge before lunch, or give employees discount vouchers to go to the gym. All these practices help to maintain correct mental hygiene that reduces the risk of suffering from occupational diseases. Organize conferences to promote mental health In the same way that they are organized on World Mental Health Day , companies can organize their own promotional days.

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During those days, design activities, talks, conferences or webinars in collaboration with professional experts that can train employees in self-care, healthy eating, emotional management or sleep habits . Keeping teams healthy boosts their creativity, and Iceland WhatsApp Number they will have a greater capacity for concentration and better work performanc. How to approach mental health from HR The Human Resources area is in charge of leading these promotion and prevention measures, one of its main roles being that of mediator between employees and senior executives and whose main objective is to prevent and detect warning signs that endanger mental health at work.

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For these strategies to be successful, it is essential to address the front in a comprehensive manner, acting on both collaborators and leaders. On the one hand, HR directors must train executives in social skills, helping them develop aptitudes and abilities Aero Leads that make it easier for them to better know and understand the people who make up their teams. On the other hand, employees need flexible ways of working that allow them an authentic work-family reconciliation that means that stress and depression derived from work activity do not have the possibility of appearing in their livesonclusions The Human.

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