It will now show a white paw for the purchase of ads on the Google advertising platform. Launched in 2018 for campaign ads, the program required political advertisers to verify their identities. The American firm has decided to extend its policy to all advertisers, regardless of the subject of their campaign. The objective: to provide more transparency, choice and control of advertising for users, in a context of growing distrust of sources. You’ve seen that customer service is a necessity and it can become a huge challenge for your eCommerce. But it can also be a business opportunity in itself, with a sales impact.

Documents required to prove your identity

Once notified, advertisers will have 30 days to complete the form to verify their personal identity and that of their company, before Lebanon Phone Number submitting it to the engine. The search engine thus undertakes to support the health of the digital advertising ecosystem by detecting. shipping or any discount, and of course to pay the total price. Remember that trust is a fundamental part of an online store but most importantly, the information you request must be only what is needed to fulfill the request, nothing is more annoying than endless forms.

Lebanon Phone Number

A gradual deployment, starting with the United States

The first ad units with advertisers’ identity information should be visible from the summer of 2020. Not only that, but it allows your team to spend time on high-value Aero Leads work in the current environment: retraining employees on new compliance processes. Try Shopify for free to create your online store. Design For specialty custom retailers, designers don’t need to run reports or do unnecessary administrative work. Try to only do this on data that is important for proper delivery. Your Store Registration helps increase sales and retain customers because people who decide to register with your store do so because they intend to buy from you again.

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