Training is 100% covered during your partial unemployment. The government has announced that it will cover all training costs for employees on short-time work. You can now train remotely without using your CPF (Personal Training Account). The people concerned by this support are the following: employees on partial unemployment, parents who have to “school” at home, job seekers apprentices under production contracts who are currently unable to join their training centers. To benefit from 100% government coverage, an agreement must be established between your company and the Director.

Develop your skills in the digital world

You are in partial activity in this exceptional context. So you can use your time wisely by taking the decision to train yourself. This can be a Taiwan Phone Number good way to stimulate yourself intellectually and at the same time: develop your skills.If you wish to broaden your knowledge, you can get started now by selecting training courses adapted. To your needs through MaFormation, in various fields such as the web. Communication, marketing, graphic design, IT, or even bureautics. Web-based training If you want to acquire. For new skills in the Web, all you have to do is follow training courses. To understand the different facets of jobs related to digital. Development, web marketing or even web design. Regarding digital, you will find training to understand the outcomes.

Taiwan Phone Number

If you are already in a similar position

you will find training to discover how to set up an effective digital strategy, to improve your external corporate communication, and also that with your teams. Find all the communication training offers Marketing training You will find training courses for marketing project managers Aero Leads and marketing managers. The field has evolved a lot in recent years. New professions have emerged: social media manager, community manager or even content manager. These jobs require specific skills. To understand the field of digital marketing, many training courses are available. You can train more specifically in web marketing, and learn how to set up advertising campaigns. You also have the opportunity to train in the implementation of a social media strategy and the management of e-reputation.

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