Emphasis on the matter of ethics conducting business with good governance. Some people may be familiar with the era when we like to do csr. Traditional to digital it was a time when digital technology came into play with marketing, and gen z emerg and digital marketing became widespread. Therefore, this is the time when marketing will start to change the way of thinking from traditional marketing to marketing that is consistent with digital platforms. Including the new population 5.0 technology for humanity is the era in which this book focuses, gen-z and gen alpha play a more serious role in marketing.

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In addition, marketing technology has become significantly more effective, leading to the creation of a new and better customer experience. The importance of marketing 5.0 the important concept of marketing 5.0 that this book is trying to tell is to understand the important contexts that will affect marketing from now on: having 5 generations Venezuela Phone Number of people in society from baby boomer, x, y, z, alpha, each of whom will have different views, attitudes, behaviors, expectations. Winning the hearts of the five groups requires different methods. The presence of new technology makes new marketing more effective.

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The key concepts ne in marketing 5.0 are data driven marketing, agile marketing, prictive marketing, contextual marketing, augment marketing. The main purpose of marketing in this 5.0 is to bring various technologies to help improve the Aero Leads customer experience (cx) of customers in each generation. In addition, the organization / brand must have other adjustments. So that the marketing 5.0 process can actually happen. That’s a brief summary of marketing 5.0, in which the details. I will continue to share with you. Share the knowlge! Kotlermarketingmarketing 5.0 see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article is it necessary for creative content to wow.

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