Pesticides divided into systemic pesticides and contact pesticides according to the characteristics of the mechanism of action. The guiding effect is distributed in the plant to achieve the purpose of eliminating pests and diseases. Since systemic pesticides act in plants rather than just on the surface of plants. If there are excessive residues of systemic pesticides, they cannot be removed by cleaning. Therefore, it is more important to choose a safe source of vegetables and fruits than to wash them carefully.


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Check the safety of all fruits and vegetables! The Taipei Agricultural Products Transportation and Marketing Company (Bei Nong) alone can handle about 1,500 tons of vegetables in a single day. Taiwan Lithuania Phone Number eats so many fruits and vegetables every day. How does it manage? At present, the domestic agricultural production center adopts a random sampling method, and takes some samples from a large number of fruits and vegetables to test the pesticide residues. Sometimes the unqualified rate of pesticide residues can reach 10% . Even in 2021, the Consumer Protection Department of the Executive Yuan will sample online shopping. The results of pesticide residues in


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And more types of pesticides and more complex brands. The Raman spectroscopy and mass spectrometry screening methods introduced next are new technologies that replace biochemical methods. Raman spectroscopy uses a Raman scatterometer for detection, which has the advantage of being fast, but the disadvantage is that the false positives are high, and the specificity is not as good as that of the mass spectrometry quick screening method. As for the mass spectrometry quick screening method, it a patented method developed the Agricultural Drug Toxic Test Institute of the Agricultural Committee, and has obtained patents in many countries such the European Union.

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