From the moment he joins, until he leaves. Sometimes even after. And, since we are talking about subjective experiences , we cannot fail to highlight the important role that emotions play in the Employee Experience. It is these emotions that will define whether the experience is good or bad. If it is worth remembering, or is it better to forget. When we think about the Employee Experience, we must do it globally. It not only refers to the operational aspect of the job, but also to all the interactions that take place while the person is part of the company : dealing with colleagues, with managers, with clients, with suppliers… The objective of a good strategy of this type is to provide team members with well-being and a good quality of life within the company Why.

When We Put a Group of People

Because when employees are comfortable and happy, the company’s results are transform. Benefits of a pleasant Employee Experience The Employee Experience is a dimension that directly impacts the success of a business. In fact, according to a study Romania Phone Number published by BEX , the First Employee Experience Barometer in Spain , those companies that are committed to strengthening this section have 3 times higher profits and 2 times better performance than those that do not. Some results that are derived from the set of benefits of looking after people in their work environment. And it is that, when we manage a company putting people at the center, many good things happen service.

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To Overcome a Challenge

As humans that we are, our behavior is govern more by feelings than by reason. Therefore, if we are content and happy, that attitude will be reflect in our actions. Happy EmployeeHappy Customer. Less turnover. Would you leave a job that offers good Aero Leads professional conditions, a good work environment, you have a good time with your colleagues and your manager motivates you every day? Yeah, neither do we. Increases the attraction of talent . On the other hand, a good Employee Experience is a great claim for those candidates who are looking for a job. Fac with two companies in the same sector, the one that shows interest in PEOPLE will be more likely to be chosen.

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