Qadarullah, I have a child with special needs . Her name is Dara. She is a little girl who is currently 11 years old. His son is very cheerful and happy to make friends. Never want to leave school. Every afternoon he invites or invites his friends to ride bicycles around the complex.

We just found out that our girl has special needs because she has a speech delay compared to children born in the same year as her.

At the Age of Four and a Half We Could No Longer

Wait and began to realize that there was an abnormality in our baby.

The results of the child’s growth and development doctor’s observation, Dara was declared a child with cerebral palsy , stiffness in the France Phone Number legs and feet. This sluggish motor movement affects his speech and academic abilities. However, after six months of therapy, Dara began to speak and was able to follow orders given by her teacher.

Miraculously, Dara realized that when she walked and ran she was left behind by her friends, because she was walking on dragging feet and on tiptoes, but she was normal. Never asked why he was different from his friends.

For little Dara, she was not at all bothered by the state of her legs being dragged and on tiptoe. However, for us as parents, of course we feel sad about our child’s condition.

Not infrequently we shed tears not because we are sad for our child’s condition, but are grateful for Dara’s attitude who remains cheerful with her situation.

Here I feel I have learned a lot from Dara

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Learn from children with special needs to accept the conditions that God has given them. Dara is not shy about hanging out with her friends at school or friends in the neighborhood where we live.

Not infrequently he gets strange looks from the people around him. However, he chose to ignore it. Choose a friend who wants to play with his friend. Still fine, when someone chooses to refuse to play.

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