Saving you time and money on incentives that would bring them nothing at all. Choose the right incentive plan With the information obtained from the previous point, it is time to select those incentives that best suit the profile of your staff. You can propose a fixed incentive , which is not recommended because not all employees want the same thing. You can also set various types of rewards , which would greatly increase the expense of your budget. Or you can, as we have already mentioned, establish a flexible incentive system: a catalog with several options, leaving it up to the collaborators to decide what they want to receive. Always limiting the number of selectable alternatives so that spending does not skyrocket. Be that as it may, the system you choose will have to meet the following criteria.

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That fits the budget. Make it interesting for the employees. That is aligned with the objectives you want to achieve. Communicate the incentive plan to the entire company Finally, communicate the strategy to employees. Honesty and transparency is the Ivory Coast Phone Number basis of any relationship of trust, so avoid promises that you will not be able to keep. You can circulate new information through internal communication channels, in a meeting, through the newsletter, by e-mail… The question is that all the people who are part of your organization are aware of what the incentive plan is like , who will be the beneficiaries , what will be the objectives , the type of rewards etc.

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And, of course, leave the window open for doubts, clarifications and suggestions.. Examples of Incentive Plans And to serve as inspiration, here we leave you with some examples of the most outstanding and original incentives that the big brands offer their Aero Leads employees: If you deal with many people in your day-to-day life, you may have noticed that some are easier to talk to than others. Why are they smarter? More savvy? Can you listen better? N People have different ways of being and relating. Some are more direct, they like to get to the point and don’t beat around the bush. Others are calmer, preferring to analyze their environment and think about answers before giving them.

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