You want the app to be able to do. For example, at I gradually Armenia Phone Number found out that it is much better if the app can do more than just place paintings on the wall. Also read: 6x inspiration for reality in e-commerce Imagine: someone has placd the painting on the wall and thinks it looks good. Then of course Armenia Phone Number you want this person to be able to view this painting directly on the website and then purchase it. Or Armenia Phone Number someone postd a painting using the app and would like to save it for later reference.

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Then of course you want this to be possible directly from Armenia Phone Number the app. augmentd reality app painting Consider, for example, the divisibility of the creation. Someone has placd a painting on the wall with the app, but is not yet ready to buy the painting. How cool would it be if this person can share the painting via an Armenia Phone Number Instagram Story to ask followers via an Instagram poll what they think about it. All in all, a lot to think about beyond the primary functionality of your reality idea. The more clearly you have workd this out in advance, the better you Armenia Phone Number can make the briefing, the cheaper and faster your idea for an app will become reality! Step.

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The briefing You clearly have in mind which functionality your app in Armenia Phone Number addition to the primary functionality. Now you are going to put this on paper as clearly as possible, so that the person who develops your app knows exactly what the functionality will be usd for. Also note that not all phones have ground and wall recognition. So do you want everyone to be able to use your app? Then clearly state in the briefing what should happen if this Armenia Phone Number functionality is not possible. At have done it in such a way that for models that do not have this recognition .lack of a Lidar

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