Note This article will focus specifically on the substance of your presentation, not the technology or process surrounding it. If you need help with this, check out my article 10 Best Practices for Better Virtual Sales Calls . Rehearse Your Presentation While all of your sales calls may follow a similar format, every presentation you make will inevitably be a little different. This is because every prospect is different. You want the information you share to be tailored to their needs and circumstances. With this in mind, take some time before the big day to rehearse or role-play the conversation. Ask your teammates to listen, or better yet.

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Take on the role of your prospect, asking questions and finding loopholes. Note: role playing can have a positive impact on your overall sales performance, not just a presentation. This article explores this in depth and why a role-playing culture is essential Iceland Phone Number in your organization. This will help you better anticipate and prepare for objections and also help you remove any roadblocks in your presentation. This includes handling transitions, such as sharing a screen or awkward Can you hear me? time. In fact, practicing with teammates will help you identify where you could benefit from slides or visual aids, even if you can do without. Having said that, don’t get obsessed with slides.

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Slides should help your presentation, not lead it. Potential customers won’t take the time to blindly watch you babble like a video, and they won’t be able to pause or rewind. They get personally involved and address the possibilities. So, don’t use slides as a crutch. Sales presentation quotes Use them only when absolutely necessary to illustrate what you’re Aero Leads talking about or to convey a key message. This might include things you want to emphasize or want prospects to remember, such as: Social proof (eg, testimonials and case studies) Statistics Contact information. This limitation is especially important when sales presentations are virtual and screen sharing often means your face is hidden. NOTE: As we mentioned before, when you rehearse, be sure to take the time to practice your slides.

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