It has become a more “tangible” measurement than before. The result is that in one era we put a lot of emphasis on click measurement here, focusing on trying to see the performance of click-relat ads, like looking at cpcctr, which is still relevant today. And where is it bad? It doesn’t sound like much to watch click, but there are a few things to understand in the changing digital context. If you look at digital marketing in the old days you can see that the way of buying things online is quite “Separate” from other mia, that is, people who shop in the old days saw advertisements on websites, were interest, click to see products, click to buy, or receiv emails.

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If you like it, click the link to buy products, etc. When we look at the customer journey of digital (online) in the past, we can see that it is quite linear journey (linear) and there are no complicat steps. The result is trying to measure the effectiveness of various mia Thailand Phone Number by looking at last click is important, for example, looking at how banner conversions vs. And it is often conclud that which mia “Building sales” is better together. On the one hand, the use of last click in the old days would be comparable if people were still on a linear journey. But the problem is today, people are no longer linear journeys. It becomes a complex journey (complicat.

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For example, a customer may read content on a specific website and like it, then go to search to find out more. Until intending to buy, but still not buying, planning to buy when it’s convenient then just go to open facebook and see an ad, then click to buy products from ad on facebook, which if measuring the results like before, it will turn out that Aero Leads facebook ads get points for being a last click and get crit for making people buy products both that really and then there are other mia that “influence” or “contribute to decision-making.” and what’s even more confusing is that the cross-channel is not only online.

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