Twhich this lap can be purchas even if it is an sme. Line x transformation & innovation in addition to line’s current basic tools, as mention, what many organizations may not know is that line also provides an opportunity for companies who are interest in using the platform to create special solutions for the organization. Whether it’s a new marketing expereince, creating a different service. Or even making new innovative products, such as scb develop scb connect to provide banking services directly through line or dtac that can use line to check service balance. Pay for various services, etc.

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Here, various companies can contact line to discuss various possibilities in developing new solutions brought up in this article can see that it is a broad picture of services for marketers from line, which will mainly focus on the corporate group first, in the case of smes, there is still line, including other line businesses such as line man, etc., which I would like Singapore Phone Number to say. Continue in the next blog because there are still many other interesting topics. Share the knowlge! Advertisingline see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article panic buy – when people buy things out of panic. Next article [line update 2] line marketing strategies and things y let’s press together.

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Facebook may ruce page’s organic reach to just 1% 03212014 updates rucing facebook’s organic reach is a frustrating but compromising matter for facebook page owners, especially brands. Helplessly but despite being criticiz by many before, facebook Aero Leads has shown no signs of improving. But on the other hand, it may further ruce organic reach, with the latest news from adweek suggesting a drop of 1%. Adweek cites data from valleywag , which cites data from a source who claims to have close ties to those who run facebook marketing strategies, that organic reach will drop to.

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