Google analytics another moment that many people at the event appreciate is that google analytics will now be able to do cross device reporting and remarketing, which people who work late in performance ad, especially the e-commerce side, would love it very much. Because it can analyze the traffic that comes to the website, including the purchase of various products. More accurate than before because it can better see the usage behavior of customers 4. Smart campaigns with google wanting businesses to be able to advertise on google more easily. Therefore, smart campaigns have been develop to allow businesses to create various advertisements.

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In a few minutes (here, many people may be familiar with it because it is similar to adwords express) and this smart campaign is very suitable for small businesses such as restaurants. Shop because the smart campaign will focus on what is consistent Shandong Phone Number with the business. Such as making people call the store view store locations on google maps, etc. If anyone is interest in smart campaign, you can find details here . The story of google marketing live 2018 still has enough details. But some parts are call quite advanc. If anyone is interest in watching the full keynote, you can watch it from the video below.

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A dvertising adwordsanaly ticsdigital marketinggooglekeynotemarketing see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article fundamentals of making hero video content work next article what is relevance score? And Aero Leads how to change this value? fbads relat posts looking at ai and marketing through adobe sensei – adobesummit2019 03/28/2019 marketing technologyupdates the subject of using artificial intelligence (ai) is something that many people keep an eye on what will happen to the business. Marketing is one of those areas that are being question as to how ai can be leverag, as well as whether there will be jobs that will be lost from the advent of ai.

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