Nowadays it seems inconceivable that someone doesn’t know what Facebook is or, worse yet, doesn’t care at all. Facebook has become the most popular social network of all time and, therefore, a site that has transcended from a simple means of communication to a platform for business, entertainment, news, and even marketing and sales. Interested in having as much context as possible about Facebook? You are in the right place. In this guide we will cover all the essential information about Facebook: what it is, what it is for, what its history is, how you can do digital marketing on the platform, how its algorithm works, among other things.

What is Facebook?

Let’s go first with the essentials: what is Facebook? Strictly speaking, it is an american digital social media platform belonging to meta platforms, inc. Which was previously known as facebook, inc. In a slightly more simplified way. Facebook is a social network where you can publish and share. Audiovisual posts and texts with your contacts (friends). Facebook’s goal has always been quite simple but complex at usa b2b database the same time. To connect people through the internet. However, in the digital age everything is about evolving and adopting new technologies. So little by little this famous social network has ceased. To be “Simple” and has become a platform with a large number of options.These are some of the main functionalities and features.

Facebook History How Did It Become What It is Today?

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This is a story that is already quite well known —mainly because of the movie “The Social Network”, also called “Red Social” in Spanish—, but which is very interesting to tell: It all started in 2003 with Facemash, a site created by Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes when they were studying at Harvard University. This website compared the photos of various female students on campus, in order Aero Leads to decide which was the most attractive. This was obviously wrong and quickly earned the ire of many people, both students and teachers. This caused Facemash to be closed for life. In 2004 the Winklevoss brothers along with Divya Narendra found out about Zuckerberg’s work at Facemash and saw potential in him, so they called him to invite him to a project called “” which consisted of an online student directory.

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