British airways acted fast and it was not easy for them. Since they had to opt for a non-assiduous communication channel for them. Among the various options proposed. A video statement was chosen that was broadcast on corporate social networks. How did they minimize this impact. Malta phone number How did they cope with such a chaotic and global situation? Speed and sincerity: how to end the reputation crisis the time that elapsed since the events began until the video was published determined the force with which the message had an impact: transparency. Trust and relevance .

In addition. The Malta phone number content of the message was brief and clear. The company put its affected customers at the center of the crisis. And tried to involve them in what happened. At all times it was perceived that there was a willingness to inform. They were able to acknowledge the problem in public. Regret the facts and repeatedly apologize. They also had to deal with the rumors of cyberattack that were going around. So they chose to highlight the strong points and minimize the weak ones: “there is no evidence that it is a cyberattack” were the express words of the ceo in spain. Alejandro cruz . Crisis of reputation well managed pizza another example of successful crisis management was the well-known case of domino’s pizza.

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Approximately 10 years ago. In north carolina. Two employees of the most famous pizza chain in the united states fell into the misfortune of recording a video while performing unhygienic and unhealthy actions with a customer’s order. A little later the video circulated on youtube accumulating more than a million views in record time. Malta phone number What could the pizza franchise do to avoid falling into a tailspin? The reaction was catastrophic and the image of the brand was severely damaged by thousands of users who threatened to report and plot the consumption of domino’s products. The videos transcended social media to traditional media that soon echoed the news.

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The first measure was to create a twitter account to be able to identify the audience and thus have one more communication channel through which to support and attend to the comments received. Malta phone number They obtained business figures to explain that it was an isolated case: number of employees. Number of stores. Health inspections passed… They wanted to show that “only two idiots can think of doing such a thing”. Said the president of the company in that moment. This virtual assistant uses artificial intelligence and tries to respond to people’s needs using natural language.

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They wanted to show that only two idiots can think of doing such a thing but domino’s had to bend efforts so that. Malta phone number this fact would not perpetuate itself in the memory of related consumers and the legend around the brand would not be created. The organization recognized that there were aspects to improve in the implementation of the action plan. Since initially they thought that the video would not go any further and would remain a simple anecdote. Effective customer service the incorporation of customer support services such as the chatbot is very useful. There is no need to wait for them to attend us by phone or physically to resolve a doubt.

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