Comparison of old and new solutions another thing that I often come across and love is kickstarter videos, often pointing out that many of the things we are “tackling” have frustrating or “not quite” issues, which makes many people will start to feel that the options for solving the problems that we’re okay with are real. And we’re not that good. (but agreeing to use it because there is no choice) and then starts to question if there is a better alternative. And that’s when the products of the new service will come to meet the nes. This method is like comparing the old solution with the new by crushing the advantages. Let people feel that the new product variant is more attractive than the old one.

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Creation of cribility since most of the projects on kickstarter are fund by unknown people. The question is how to get many people to give money to people they don’t know? Telling a story with part of the content allows people to see that the person who creat the project has knowlge, ability or understanding of the product. Therefore, it is important Taiwan Phone Number to create. “confidence” and “confidence” with the audience, which we often see stories of who the team is. How has it been develop, etc. 4. You don’t have to go into a lot of details. Even though kickstarter video is like a crowdfunding finisher, it’s still a huge crowd-pleaser. But it’s not like they try to cram everything into the video.

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Because really, the content is gradually put on the landing page of the kickstarter, with the video trying to focus on “capturing the nes” of the audience to be under control so we often find that successful kickstarter videos are not that long. The Aero Leads stories that are told are mainly important content, not trying to explain everything. Any feature the 4 key points above are the observations that I’ve been watching kickstarter video as a fan of these back projects for many years. Which, of course, any project that can make an interesting video.

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