Euphemistically speaking, of course. Has it ever happened to you that you’ve been thinking about a subject, you couldn’t find the solution, you went to bed or for a walk or to the gym, and then the idea came suddenly? Letting the mind rest is essential in creative processes. For this reason, it is essential that in the work space there is an area where employees can go to distract themselves, relax or chat for a while to recharge their batteries. You don’t have to be like Google and have slides, foosball tables and sofas everywhere. A corner where the team can be comfortable and distracted is enough for ideas to spring up again like mushrooms in a rain forest in autumn. Cultivate a safe and error-tolerant environment To manage creativity and innovation in the company, it is essential that employees can develop in a psychologically safe environment.

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That is, you have to educate them in the art of making mistakes and eliminate the fear of failure. Having an innovative idea does not appear overnight. It is a Norway Phone Number process that in most cases occurs by trial and error. And out of hundreds of ideas, maybe only one works. For this reason, when a team member makes a mistake, you must not threaten him or make him feel that his position is in danger. Rather, you have to support him and him to keep trying. Otherwise, they will feel that their ideas are not welcome and instead of continuing to.

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Purely Participatory

Come up with new solutions, they will hold back and make the company stagnant. Does this mean that you should be lax and let mistakes run wild? No. The art of making mistakes is not incompatible with the lack of quality in services. But it is important to minimize Aero Leads the importance of mistakes, and understand them not as a failure, but as a learning opportunity that brings us closer to success . Leadership: strong and transformational Several studies indicate that creative and innovative professionals are also more engaged in their work. As a leader, you need to know how to identify your collaborators’ strengths and areas for improvement.

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