Those in charge of carrying out the recruiting process also thought so and that is why they opted for you. And you get to your first day of work and… you notice that something doesn’t add up . The tasks are not what you thought. The feeling with colleagues is rare. The culture just didn’t fit you. And you think… is it me? Days go by and you don’t adapt. You have a hard time doing your job, you don’t understand very well how the processes work and, no matter how much help you receive, in your mind there is only a monkey playing the cymbals . Then, black clouds begin to appear in your mind and you experience intrusive feelings: failure, uselessness, demotivation.

Team as Whole is Not

Of course, we can’t say it’s nice, right? And no, it’s not that the person is useless. It is simply that that piece was not part of that puzzlOn the other List of the Mobile Phone Numbers hand, the repercussion for the company is more evident. If we hire the wrong candidate, we lose money and time , both due to the costs of low productivity and the fact of having to reinvest in a new selection process or in extra training programs. In addition, we also influence the rest of the team, who will have to carry more work, increasing their stress levels. Now the question.

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Working as It Should

And who is to blame for this situation ? Well, surely, it is not about who, but about what . And it is that, it is essential to have a well -polished selection process so that these things do not happen. There can always be some sweetheart candidate who wants Aero Leads to trick us into getting a position (despite what we have already seen that could happen to them). However, if all the phases are correctly designed and focused on evaluating talent without bias or risk, the chances of making a bad decision when hiring someone are greatly reduced. It will not be 100% infallible, but it will be 80%. And if you have no idea what to do, you can always count on a team of specialized professional.

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