Therefore, What do you think is more effective or credible as a source of recommendation. A company’s advertising campaign, or what a friend or relative. Of the company you work for tells us? Surely the opinion of the employee, right. Well, employee branding is precisely about that, of transmitting. The value proposition of the brand to the employee. And enhancing the feeling of belonging to the company. Therefore, So that it is the worker who promotes, inspires and motivates as a digital leader. Now we explain it to you in detail. Discover what employees are as brand ambassadors. How to implement a good employee branding plan and the benefits. That this strategy brings. Let’s get started!

is an Employee as a Brand Ambassador?

Therefore, To describe this concept I tell you my own experience… For 10 years I worked for a large multinational. During my experience there, I was lucky enough to receive training on topics of interest to my career, participate in team building best site to buy email leads sessions, attend breakfasts with the CEO (where any worker could ask our CEO questions), and travel to events of a international. Therefore, The atmosphere was unbeatable, and all of this made me feel an important part of the company, I had a great commitment to my work, and I identified with the vision and mission, and culture. Without realizing it, I became a brand ambassador, I recommended each product and service and was always ready to share the company’s messages, launches, programs, or positive experiences.

How to Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

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Therefore, Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, already said: take care of your employees and they will take care of your business and customers. How? Investing time in knowing the members of your team. Promote a culture of leadership , with Aero Leads meetings and conversations that allow you to be aware of. Therefore, How do employees feel at work? What motivates them? What personal and professional goals do they have, do they want to become leaders or do they want to achieve corporate recognition? What resources do they need to be more efficient?

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