These are almost as important as keywords. The meta description appears directly below the article’s headline on the google search results page. Google crawlers don’t read the meta description you write, but your target audience and potential customers do.

Hence, it is always useful and a bonus to be creative yet to the point with your meta description. For e-commerce sites that sell hundreds Tongliao Phone Number of different products it becomes quite challenging to come up with a specific meta description that will engage your audience. Bigger companies put the time and effort into creating a unique description for every page, however, this is not always possible or even feasible for smaller companies and startups.

Competitor Research

If you have no clue how to start with on-site optimization for your e-commerce site, then taking a look at your competitor’s website and offerings is your best bet.

The first step is to choose a competitor that is bigger than you. It’s always good to do a Google search and take a look at the competitors who rank higher than you in the search results. You can use their site to find new ideas and trends. You can also find out things that may be missing on your website that they have.


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Off-page Optimization for E-commerce

Social media platforms and posts help drive search results, increase the visibility of the brand and its products as well as help companies develop a community of active fans online. There is no direct relation between social media and eCommerce SEO, however, social media can be a useful tool to drive traffic to your e-commerce site.

Most importantly social media provides users with another platform to interact with their existing clients, potential customers, and larger target audience as a whole. The most successful e-commerce companies on social media are those that use the platforms wisely and creatively to connect with customers and provide real value online.


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