What happens when these two types of people get together? Well, communication doesn’t flow. It is not effective. For this reason, today we want to talk to you about a tool that will help you to know your relational style and that of others: the Bridge Method . By applying this method, we can know what our main style is when it comes to communicating with the people around us. Bridge makes it easy to adapt our style to the person we are talking to, making it much easier to understand each other, avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, and maintain fluid and productive conversations. Interested? Well then she keeps reading. Let ‘s start ! What you will find in this article.

Team Building How to Apply

What is the Bridge Method? The four relational styles of the Bridge Method: Earth, Fire, Water, Air How to behave with each relational style. What is the Bridge Method? Bridge is a tool that, as its name suggests, is designed to “build bridges” between Jamaica Phone Number different relational models. Through the use of a scientifically proven and validated psychometric test , Bridge explores the different communication styles in a simple and easy-to-understand way, thus facilitating interpersonal relationships. It allows, among other things, to know oneself in relation to others. And this level of self-knowledge is what manages to transform our way of communicating to make it much more effective.

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It to Your Own Team

Therefore, it is a very useful tool for the workplace, especially for leadership improvement . For a team to work, communication is vital . In fact, there are many occasions when a company goes under due to a lack of understanding among its members. That is why Aero Leads it is so important to know how to communicate effectively. And that is the goal of the Bridge Method. . The four relational styles of the Bridge Method: Earth, Fire, Water, Air Following Carl Jung ‘s model of dichotomous styles , the Bridge Method also uses opposite personality pairs. Earth, Fire, Water and Air are the four elements that symbolically express the different styles of relating. If you are a millennial , surely “Captain.

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