All these are aspects that must be reviewed so as not to make the same mistake again. And what would you do? I read you in the commentshare Tweet share Blog Interactions with readers leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Mandatory fields are mark with  Commentary In 1998, a group of 21 people came together in Menlo Park, California to create one of the world’s largest companies: Google . Today, almost 25 years later, there are almost 60,000 professionals who are part of the team. It is a brutal growth that very few companies are capable of carrying out, much less sustaining. The question is, was it really founded in 1998? It’s hard for me to remember a life without Google… and, most importantly: how?! How have they grown so much.

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Well, its OKR -based goal management systemyou have had a lot to do with it. As CEO or manager, one of the main responsibilities is to make the company develop. Whether from Marketing or, in our case, Human Resources , each area of ​​​​a company is creat with the purpose of sustaining the business and making it evolve over time. If not, they Henan Mobile Phone Number List wouldn’t make sense, don’t you think? We can expect the company to follow a natural course and grow by chance ( spoiler : it rarely happens); or, as is the most common, establishing objectives that help us guide our steps towards the desired goal. There are many ways to mark this path, but if there is one that works especially well, it is, as we have seen at the beginning, the methodology that.

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Google has us since its inception: OKRs . If you want to know what they are, what advantages they have for your organization, and how to implement them to have results that exce all your expectations, stay with us and keep reading . Let’s start! What Aero Leads you will find in this article : Let’s start with the basics, what are OKRs? How is an OKR creat? OKR vs. KPI Benefits of implementing the OKR system in your companyLet’s start with the basics, what are OKRs? Sorry, we have misl you. We’ve told you that OKRs are a way to manage goals, but… that’s not exactly the case. Actually, the OKR system is a performance management.

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