Usually graphic or narrative, and that are intend to give an explanation to how’s the person. They start from the psychoanalytic current of psychology, whose main hypothesis explains that our impulses, desires and intentions are “hidden” in a part of the mind called the unconscious . To access this part, psychologists use these tests to explore those impulses and intentions without the candidates realizing it, precisely because the projection is carri out unconsciously. The use of projective tests is common in large corporations or in the selection of senior positions and, outside the field of HR, they are widely used in clinical, forensic and child psychology.

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Being techniques that serve to explore and evaluate the psyche of people, it is essential that the person who performs them is a properly train Jamaica WhatsApp Number psychologist . Otherwise, the results could lose all their validity. There are five types of projective techniques : Abstract projective tests . Those in which the candidates must say what they see or feel before abstract visual stimuli. An example of this type is the Rorschach Test. Thematic projective tests . This type of test invites people to tell a story through the use of picture cards. Expressive projective tests.

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Tests in which the evaluat must draw on a blank sheet, usually a house, a person or a tree. Constructive projective tests. They are techniques in Aero Leads which the candidate is provid with ambiguous material which they must reconstruct following their own logic. Associative projective tests. Those in which the person must verbally associate concepts spontaneously in response to a first instruction given by the interviewer, such as completing unfinish sentences. There is a sixth type of projective test, call refractory.

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