Generation Z is a friend of “ Do It Yourself ”. If they run into any challenges, they won’t hesitate to look for a tutorial to help them solve the problem. In this sense, they are more proactive than Millennials. Centennials seek flexibility. According to a JobToday survey , 52% of people belonging to this generation highly value companies that give them the opportunity to work where and when they want. They want to be digital nomads and therefore shy away from strict schedules. Centennials are looking for a purpose . Those belonging to this generation want to satisfy their self-actualization needs by making a significant contribution to the community from their work.

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They look for a meaning and a “why”. On the other hand, Millennials work for personal and professional growth.. How can HR appeal to this generation? Attracting Centennials to join the workforce is difficult. Making them feel connected and committed to the Finland WhatsApp Number organization is even more difficult. This is one of the main challenges faced by those responsible for managing talent. And the problem gets worse if you don’t have the right strategies. One of the usual scenarios for Spanish companies is to have teams made up of employees from several generations, all of them being led in the same way. And that is a big mistake. According to Nacho Barraquer , who we recently heard on our podcast , the key lies in meeting the needs of each generation separately.

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In other words, a Centennial cannot be managed the same as a Millennial; in the same way that a Millennial does not have the same needs as a person born in the Baby Boom. Millennials look to their “bosses” for the figure of a transformative leader, a Aero Leads role that is totally opposite to the traditional boss more typical of those born during the Baby Boom. A leader is a person who guides his team without exercising authority, but still with an emphasis on performance and productivity. The irony is that what Millennials saw in the classic “bosses” is what Centennials see today’s leaders. Mr Burns meme How Centennials View Today’s Leaders In this sense, companies need to transform themselves.

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