The method for calculating the gender pay gap will vary from country to country. In the USA it is done from the weekly base salary, while in Japan they do it on a monthly basis. In Spain, the most common way to calculate it is using the average gross income per hour as a reference . This makes sense if we take into account that the majority of the part-time working population is represented by women. The formula used is the following: the result of the gross hourly salary of men minus the gross hourly salary of women is calculat and the difference is divid by the gross hourly salary of men. There is also another way to calculate this inequality in a much more palpable and obvious way: through salary supplements . Bonuses for night work, overtime or business trips are much more common among men than women.

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However, this time other factors come into play that have to do with the predisposition of women to take care of the home and family, which would prevent Latvia WhatsApp Number them from accessing these “bonuses” due to scdule incompatibility. Finally, the low rate of women in managerial positions must be highlight , as well as their greater presence in low-skill jobs as indicators that also influence the creation of the gender pay gap. Does the pay gap really exist? To begin with, we are going to stress the fact that there is a right recogniz by the International Labor.

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Organization (ILO) since 1919 locat in the Treaty of Versailles that requires equal remuneration without distinction by gender. More than a century has pass and… is this really true? Let’s see what the numbers say 2019, the Spanish Conferation of Aero Leads Organizations (CEOE) together with the private consultancy PwC carri out a study call ” Analysis of the gender wage gap in Spain ” in which it was determin that said gap in our country stood at 12.2 % . More recent data from the Ministry of Finance in its report Salary.

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