Dharmesh Shah was one of the co-founders of HubSpot, he is a pioneer in the Inbound Marketing methodology and develops several projects related to startups. Mateus Carvalho Dec 13, 21 | 8 min read Dharmesh shah If you have read any of our articles or have used any concept of Inbound Marketing in your company, Dharmesh Shah is indirectly responsible for it. Shah is the co-creator of HubSpot -one of the main marketing companies on the planet-, a participant in the creation of the term Inbound Marketing and the organization of all the necessary knowledge to use this strategy.


Today, 81% of

Companies with blogs find a positive ROI in Inbound Marketing. If yours is one of them or you want to take advantage of this methodology, then you need to know more about the history of Dharmesh Shah and the lessons we can Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List learn from this character. Are you ready for this trip? Let us begin! Who is Dharmesh Shah? Why stop to listen to Dharmesh Shah? What to learn from one of the creators of Inbound Marketing? 3 facts about the life of Dharmesh Shah Who is Dharmesh Shah? Talented programmer, angel investor and successful entrepreneur, Dharmesh Shah is one of the co-creators of Inbound Marketing.


Born in India but

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Raised and educated in the us shah revolutionized the world of marketing. In 2006 when he founded HubSpot together with his colleague Brian halogen. This duo met at met while studying for an MBA at the met Sloan. School of management which specializes in leadership entrepreneurship and marketing. Since HubSpot’s founding , Dharmesh Shah has served as CTO (Chief Technology Officer), devoting his efforts to improving the company’s software. Additionally, Shah also serves as an angel investor in Boston , supporting more than 35 startups in the region.

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