Bitboy Crypto is a Must-follow Channel for Both Crypto Novices and Those Who Want to Follow All Relevant News About the Trends, Dumping, Regulation, and Buying Stable Coins and Alt Coins. He is One of the Top Crypto Influencers on Social Media Platforms. Coin Bureau, a.k.a. Guy, is Another Popular Crypto Influencer on Youtube Worth Checking Out. The Account Has Over 2 Million Subscribers and 600 Videos. Unlike Bitboy Crypto,


There Are No ‘90s Music and Fun Car Rides on Coin Bureau’s Channel

Guy Presents Info and Discussions in a More Philippines photo editor Straightforward Way, Without the Flair but With Meticulous Details About the Crypto Market, Defi, and Blockchain. Coin Bureau Bills Itself as the Go-to Informational Portal on the Platform for Anyone Who Wants to Know About the Virtual Currency Universe. Because the Content is Highly Informational, It’s Useful for Those Who Want to Dive

Coin Bureau’s Popularity Surged Due to Their Educational and Fact-based Crypto Updates. By the End of 2019, the Channel Was the Fastest-growing Crypto-focused Account on Youtube. Even Though Not Everyone on Reddit Agrees With What Guy Says About Crypto, the Intriguing Stances That Guy Has is What Makes His Channel Popular. For Instance, the Recent Videos About the Native Asset of the Harmony Blockchain Went Against What Many Believe in.

Philippines photo editor

Coin Bureau Deserves a Follow if You’re After a Youtube

Channel That Can Provide Top News and Well-researched Content About the Crypto Market and Blockchain Technology. Benjamin Cowen Joined Youtube in 2019 as a Crypto Content Creator and Now Has Over 744,000 Subscribers, Plus Over 71 Million Views in Total for His Videos.

What Makes Cowen’s Youtube Account Worth a Follow is His Mathematical Stance on Crypto. He Does Not Rely on Catchy Slogans and Memes and Instead Focuses on Metrics That Can Impact Price and Price Predictions. In a Sense, He Approaches Crypto From a Pragmatic, Scientific Perspective—but in a Digestible Package. Cowen Takes the Htf High Timeframe View of the Market Instead of Discussing the Temporary Noise That Has Proliferated Crypto Content Buzz. But the Content Isn’t Made to Be Dull. He Provides a Realistic Picture of Crypto Markets as Evidenced by the Numbers, in a Lively Way.


His Youtube Videos Vary Between Current

Trends and Price Watch, as Well as Video Introductions to Aero Leads Different Cryptocurrencies. And for Premium Members of the Channel, Cowen Provides “into the Cryptoverse” Reports Every Week, Which Contain Risk Analysis Data, Logarithmic Regression Analysis, Weekly Crypto Updates, and More. Follow Benjamin Cowen for Daily Videos on Long-term Crypto Investment, Advanced Analysis, and Updates Beyond the Short-term Volatility in the Industry. And, if You Need a Crypto Asset Management for Further Advice,

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